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Skyline Reimagined

This is a symmetrical image of a skyline reimagined. It's an abstract treatment of a nighttime urban scene. There is careful work lining things up and I made several mistakes on an earlier attempt. On a cell phone you'd never notice but blown up on the wall everything needs to be exact.

Making kaleidoscopic images out of everyday scenes is like a meditation for me. It's taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary. It makes me think of the mesmerizing power of patterns. Why is it that are we drawn to symmetrical patterns in art, nature and religious iconography?

I think they resonate with something deep inside of us. Archetypical patterns represent something sublime and beyond the everyday experiences. I wonder if this is one way to communicate on a higher level, in patterns and symmetric complexity. Is it possible that an alien race communicates in symmetric patterns of light and color?

Given the size of the universe is not out of the question. The universe is so big that our galaxy is but a grain of sand. And so perhaps another civilization does communicate in patterns of light, sound, color, ...the possibilities are endless.

It's a thought experiment and in the end its fun to consider ideas like this. It can be just as fun as making patterns out of a cityscape photo.


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