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Popcorn Clouds

Popcorn Clouds

A couple of mornings ago I came to this park to take pictures. It's only a few minutes drive so its convenient for me to get here and back before breakfast. Lord knows I can't miss breakfast.

Now for whatever reason, we get these amazing popcorn-like clouds coming out of the east. They glide in from the middle of Florida over the land and then stop abruptly at the coast. So if I were to turn around and face west towards the Gulf of Mexico the sky would be cloudless. I think that's strange and it drives me nuts. I would love to take pictures of these clouds over the beach but they're never there, they're hovering inland. I have no idea why that happens but I do notice it quite a lot.

From my home office I have a window that looks east and I can see these clouds during the day. I'd rather be out taking photos of them than working so I was pretty happy that I came this morning; just as I was about to leave I noticed them. All good things come to those who wait. At least that's what I keep telling myself.