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Colors of Venice

With a title like that you'd think I was referring to the town in Italy. On the contrary this namesake town in central Florida has its own colors painted in the sky. Sometimes I'll head down here if we've had rain showers since that's usually followed by a sunset. This day was no exception and I'm glad I made the effort.

I've posted different versions of this pier, but the sky ensures each one is unique. Landscape photography in Florida usually has the sky play a major role. At times my photos are tied to the whims of the weather. I know that sounds strange but I think there's more than a grain of truth to it.

Even if I go out and the clouds are not cooperating I still end up walking the beach. I have little to lose and everything to gain chasing clouds for a good shot. That reminds me of storm chasers, I'm kind of like that although I'm more of a sunset chaser. Much less risk and stress involved.


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