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Heron Sleeping by the Causeway

A theme this week seems to be birds. For what ever reason I've been processing bird images to share. Yesterday I posted an eagle, today a heron sleeping by the causeway and tomorrow will be an egret. When I take so many photos near the water it's hard not to capture birds.

If framed properly birds can enhance a scene. When a bird is sitting still during a sunset it adds an extra element to the story. We unconsciously sympathize with other creatures, human or otherwise. So a heron sleeping on one leg at the waters edge adds a little interest to the scene as well as a sense of depth. Of course with minimalistic landscape scenes like this, whatever that story means is a little different for each person.

I took this one evening on the way to the beach. Its at a causeway in Bradenton Florida that leads to Anna Maria Island. On the weekend it's busy but during the week it's a bit quieter. Weekday sunsets are my favorite time to drop by here. I'm not the only one, I'll see people pull up with lawn chairs just to watch the sunset. It's a ritual for many around here.

Whenever I see these birds I try to stay back. I use a telephoto lens and shoot from a distance. For me it's important not to disturb the scene and approach as a silent observer. I capture the scene and then steal away with my purloined images like a thief in the night. Of course, your story may differ.


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