beach -

Naples Pier

I took this a few months ago at the beach in Naples Florida. There were so many people here that no matter where I looked some interesting scene was playing out. Whenever I take photos with a lot of people I have the luxury of returning to that moment in time and see it with different eyes. I photographed a friends wedding not too long ago but I was so busy taking the pictures and checking my camera that in a sense I didn't experience the wedding. Not unusual. After I went back to process the images did I get a real sense of the whole affair. And so it is with scenes like this at times. As the sun is dropping below the horizon I'm using every last second to find a composition, very present in the moment, but a very different moment from those around me. And so now as I write this, I get to experience a little of the joy that was that moment without worrying about the sun going down. I don't know if that's good or bad. I guess it just is what it is.


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