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Dreamscape from Redington Shores

I recently created this dreamscape from Redington Shores. The last shot I posted was facing north, however this faces in the direction of my home which is about twenty miles south as the gull flies. Not that gulls fly straight, but I digress.

Right now the weather is perfect, not too hot or too cold. But in winter the waters of the gulf have cooled. It's a good thing because warm water in the gulf creates severe storms. Seven months of that in summer is enough. Winter is a break from all the thunder and lightning.

You can always tell the visitors, they're the ones in the water. I prefer the water in summer when its warm like a bath. But then we always have to be on the lookout for the rapid formation of thunderstorms. I've grown soft living here. When I used to live up north I'd consider the cooler water in winter perfectly fine.

There is always something to see when walking along the beach. One thing I do a lot of is take pictures of piers. There is something about a leading line ending in the sea. Another metaphor perhaps, one that I find intriguing. This is a different perspective. The pier provides a sense of distance and perspective.

This image is a common theme I repeat from time to time. It's about solitude in an idyllic setting, something just beyond this world. Of course it can mean anything you like it to be. But for me it's about something just out of reach. This is what I call a dreamscape.


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