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Little Dunes

When I hear the word dune, I think of the desert, but these along the Florida beach are a different variety. Unlike the shifting sands of the Sahara, these are covered with plants and are meant to hold their shape in a storm. They are what keeps us from being washed away completely.

If you look carefully through the top of the dune, you'll see orange tape marking a sea turtle nest. Scores of volunteers comb the beach for nests, erect barriers, and take careful notes over the incubation period. Once hatched, they'll dash for the water so as not to be eaten by birds. Only a few survive to adulthood; it's a rough start to what will hopefully become a long life in the sea.

Nothing is permanent, yet everything is trying to hold on. The dunes and turtles are both pitted against the forces of nature. Perhaps the tension in the environment is what produces the beauty on earth. It seems that elemental pressures are a creative force. Without them, we'd all be washed away and overrun with too many sea turtles. On second thought, you can never have too many sea turtles.


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