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Staying Late at Holmes Beach

I'm always amazed by the numbers of people staying late at Holmes Beach. I should be used to it, but each time it surprises me just a little. I live about twenty minutes away and I'll come here to watch the sunset and take a few pictures. On the drive I figure the place will have emptied out. About the only time I've seen it empty is during a rare storm or heavy fog.

Holmes Beach is right at the end of a main thoroughfare so it's the most convenient to get to. Once in a while I come here during the day but mostly I'm here at sunset. If I walk up to the water I can see people lining the beach for at least a mile in each direction.

A few days ago we came here during the day to take a walk and relax. At the end of it we sat in an outdoor restaurant next to the lifeguard stand. As we watched the scene I had the idea of taking a shot with the people lining the shore. When I came back a few days later that's what I did, however this was not exactly the same shot I had in my mind, but close enough for now. I'll just have to come back to get that other shot I was thinking about. I have such a hard job sometimes.


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