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Ryan and Graham Bosmeny

Ryan and Graham Bosmeny

Here's a change of pace. The blog features mostly travel and landscape photos, but I also love doing projects like portraits, events and an occasional wedding. I keep most of that out of the blog because it's more commercial, but on the other hand it's a ton of fun and it's the other side of my work that I probably don't talk enough about.

This is Ryan Bosmeny and his son Graham at an event a couple of weeks ago. Ryan is a regular at Live Training Center here in Palmetto and his son is an aspiring ninja. The father and son team really brought their A-game to this shot and I'm so happy they took the time for this portrait.

One little project I'm working on now is a series of giant posters of people that work out at the training center. These will be hung along the walls. It's a work in progress but I'll be sure to link to a few photos once we have a few of them up.

Thanks again Ryan and Graham for this most excellent pose!


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