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Approaching Howe

A street scene as I was approaching Howe Street on a Saturday night in Vancouver. I'm waking along Robson which is where a lot happens, it's the nerve center of shopping in Vancity. The rain is never a reason to stay indoors and from what I can tell people ignore it. That's a good policy and it will serve you well. If you can't beat it, join it with a raincoat and umbrella.

It was kind of funny actually. I found myself here with these amazing conditions early in the evening and got pretty excited. This is a street photographers dream because of the lights and rain slicked surfaces. I shifted into the zone as I looked for things to unfold all around. At one point I walked up and down this block several times just taking photos.

To get these street scenes at night it takes a very high ISO, especially if I'm shooting without a tripod. I used my Sony A7RII and set the ISO to 10000. That's a lot of zeros and up until recently, this just a dream and nighttime photography like this was not even possible. Thanks to the advances from Sony new possibilities have opened up for people like me that like shooting in very low light.

Tech talk aside, just getting out with my camera on a raining day, no matter where, is likely to provide a lot of subject matter to explore. Fortunately for me there is no shortage of rain in Vancouver and, I have both a rain coat and an umbrella.


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