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Vancouver Cityscape

This is the Vancouver cityscape as seen from Cypress Point. Its probably one of the best locations to get a panoramic view of the city at night, a must see if you are there. I was thinking about Vancouver because I'll be heading back there soon and was wondering what has changed since I was last there. Last time there was a lot of construction underway and the joke was that the local bird is the crane.

I find that even when I'm away from home for a week or two, I always see little differences when I return. It might be something simple like a new store at the mall or a section of re-paved road, but something new that makes an impression on me because it wasn't there when I left. When we see same things everyday, we don't always notice the changes. I ignore a lot because it seems so commonplace, kind of like watching a clock move, we don't really notice the hands moving but come back in an hour or so and they're in a different place. So it is with my small town of Palmetto.

Now multiply that by a thousand times and that would be Vancouver. I'm curious to see what new buildings have been constructed, what might have changed at the airport, and maybe even what new shops are at the mall. I'm sure if I ask a Vancouverite they'd say not much has changed and I'd get a chuckle out of that. 

Having said all that, some things will never change; the beauty of Lions Gate Bridge (pictured here), Stanley Park and the amazing mountain peaks that surround the city.


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