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Walk in the Forest

Last summer I took this picture early one morning on a trail in Jasper Alberta. It was on this same trail that I met a elk bull the night before. I had come out at night to capture an image of the moon reflecting on the lake. As I walked past this spot I saw what I thought was a tree, only it pivoted right in front of me. A small digression. When in the forest at night and something big moves in front of you, you discover your adrenal glands. Back to the story. I stopped dead in my tracks, every fibre in by body as still as stone while my eyes tried desperately to focus. After what seemed an eternity (likely only five seconds) I recognized papa elk sitting on the trail with his full rack extended up like a tree. Big papa. I slowly took a step back, then another, and then slowly turned around and walked away pretending to be calm. So the next morning I captured this photo of the trail to remind me of the encounter with papa elk. Like I need a reminder.


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