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Harvest Leaves

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. When I was seven years old in grade school we would create autumn leaves from construction paper to commemorate Thanksgiving. Also I remember drawing a picture of a turkey that my grandmother kept at the cottage and which remained on the wall for years. These little things and many others have ingrained in my mind that the end of November is the harvest season, full of leaves and color. In actuality it seems that harvest season should be over by the end of November. For instance in Canada Thanksgiving is held at the beginning of October, to me that seems closer to harvest season than the end of November. I have no idea where I'm going with all this other than these autumn leaves reminded me of Thanksgiving and so I thought I'd post this picture today. For my friends in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving. For the rest of you, get back to work, two more days until the weekend. ;-)

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