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Idea in my Mind

Last Saturday I walked around Vancouver in the evening. As the sun was low it cast a glow on the towers of Coal Harbour and reflected in the harbour. I'd been thinking of walking over to the west end to get more of a sunset photo but am glad I stayed on this side. When taking photos, I think it's best to have an idea and then be flexible. You never know which way the wind blows.

I have this idea in my mind about photography. It goes like this: the best photography is not from a place but a state of mind. Here's what I mean, iconic locations don't make a photo, being observant regardless of where you are does. I'm beginning to think magic happens everywhere, not just in Iceland. No offense to Iceland, you're still on my bucket list.

I travel a little; I was traveling when I took this. And I like iconic scenes as much as the next person. I'll be there snapping away with everyone else at the Eiffel Tower. But I think the more I pay attention to light, shadow and placement in my own front yard, the more I see. Its fun to travel for photography, but not necessary. Anyway, that's my latest theory, and since I spend a lot of time at home, I'm putting to the test.


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