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Lake Louise

If I had this view out back I'd never leave home. Nonetheless, this is the view you see from the Chateau Lake Louise in Alberta Canada. The last time I was here the lake was frozen and I was with a climbing party where we scaled a frozen waterfall towards the back on the right. It was an all day affair and since I was not qualified to lead I stayed below as the lead climber secured a route up the fall. If you can imagine being chained to a rock in subzero temperatures followed by brief periods of adrenalin rush, that would pretty much summed it up. Aside from that, my other memory is of how good the peppermint schnapps tasted once we finished. Our party must have been quite a site as we walked into the five-start hotel outfitted with ice axes, crampons and all manner of climbing gear. In fact, it was probably a common sight as this is a popular winter sport destination. Anyway, back to the present day. Winter or summer, the view here is about as good as it gets.

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