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City on the Pacific

When I was last in Vancouver I took a ride in a seaplane and captured this as we circled around the city. I've been meaning to do this for years and glad I finally did. I've walked just about every inch of Vancouver and seeing it from the air was a great way to put it all together.

As you can see there is a lot of green space which, in my opinion, is a sign of a healthy city. To the left is Stanley Park which is a little like Central Park in New York only more wild.

I overlaid the image with a texture to convey an almost mythic quality of the city. Maybe it doesn't seem that way to people who live and work here everyday, but when you draw back and get a little perspective you have to agree there is something amazing here.

Vancouver is nothing if not a big concentration of towers. Surly other cities have more, this is only a slice of Manhattan, but this city is surrounded by mountain peaks. It's the combination of the towers and mountains that first strikes you when you visit. That's then followed by a million other impressions coming at you from every direction in this great city on the Pacific.


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