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Victoria's Silhouette

The Victoria's Secret store in Vancouver has these big billowy pink satin windows. Because I'm using a Sony A7R2, I cranked up the ISO to 10000 and still was able to handhold street shots like this. I was shooting in aperture priority and this image ended up having a shutter speed of 1/1000. That's impressive when you think about the opportunities it opens up for low light street photography. I like doing street photography, but doing it at night is like another world.

I am not so bold when taking pictures of people on the street, I'm really quite furtive and do my best to not attract attention. In a busy area a person with a camera does not stand out. Having the technology that allows me too be quick at night is an advantage over what was even possible a few years ago.

This was taken with a telephoto at 31mm, so I was fairly close, just at the edge of the sidewalk where people were walking in front of the window. In the last few months a few prime lenses have become available that allow wide open apertures which come in handy for scenes like this. I take a prime, but I find that when I have a zoom I use it more. I should just try leaving the big boy at home and using just the prime for a few days.


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