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Brockton Point Lighthouse

This is Brockton Point Lighthouse from inside Stanley Park in Vancouver. The last time I was there I took a walk into the park and ended going a lot further than I planned. That happens a lot when I'm taking pictures, one thing leads to another. This is from a spot that looks across the bay towards the city of North Vancouver which is distinct from Vancouver proper.

It was the middle of summer so even though it was around nine in the evening it was still light. I love how long the nights are in summer, especially in northern latitudes. Of course it's just the opposite in winter, long nights and short days.

To get here I walked past a collection of totem poles that are on display. Original nations art and artifacts are on display all over Vancouver. There is also a reservation across the bay and as I walked here I could hear the drums of a powwow. I walked over to the lighthouse, around the bend and back to Vancouver, arriving back at the hotel after making at least a dozen more stops. I got back it at midnight and had just enough time to pack up, grab a quick nap and head to the airport for an early flight back home.


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