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Koerner Library

This is the Koerner Library building at the University of British Columbia. I walked through UBC on my way back from taking pictures along the shoreline. I was amazed at how big the UBC campus is. To me, coming from a small town, it seemed enormous and I suppose this is just one of many libraries scattered throughout. The sun was setting behind the building so it added a dramatic flare, at least to my eyes which never saw this building before.

I think that faculty and students don't even bat an eye, and the thought of taking a picture of this might seem trite. That's the value of having fresh eyes. This happens to me all the time back in Florida. I can walk somewhere and not see a thing I'd consider remarkable, but someone from out of town would. We all become blind to things we consider commonplace. In fact, I almost didn't stop to take this picture because I noticed it was a library, what could be interesting about a library? I'm glad I did.

After taking the shot I continued back to the bus stop to catch a ride back to town. It was Saturday night and sure enough it was full of students heading into town to hang out. It was still pretty early so the bus wasn't that full, but I'm sure had I left a couple hours later this library would have been empty and all therein lined up at the bus stop for a night away from the library. Not that I know that to be a fact, I'm just sayin.


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