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City Hall

This is Vancouver City Hall. I came here one evening after work to look around as I'd always seen this on the skyline but never up close. This is a very trendy section of Vancouver and there are a lot of cool places to eat and shop. My favorite place to shop is the Mountain Equipment Co-op about two blocks away. As you might guess, people that live in western Canada are zealous about enjoying the wilderness and the co-op has every little thing to help facilitate that spirit of adventure. And the restaurants in this section are eclectic if nothing else. I might even venture a guess that there are more Gluten-free restaurants here than any place in the world. That's just a guess and as usual, I have no idea if that's true, but you get the idea. In any case, as I was standing here composing this night shot with my tripod, a young couple where sitting right behind me smoking a joint and offering encouragement, right there in front of city hall. Only in Vancouver.

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