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Gastown Steam Clock

This is a well-known steam clock in the Gastown section of Vancouver. I took this as I walked by on a warm summer evening last August. Every ten or fifteen minutes the clock will begin blowing steam and the attached whistles will sound. As silly as that sounds it’s really fun to wait it out, like waiting for a geyser. This is one of my favorite sections of town; with the old architecture it stands in contrast to the ultramodern architecture just two blocks away. It's said there used to be tunnels below the city that were used by the well heeled. Presumably they were used to convey “businessmen” to the more seedy sections of town to satisfy out their whims and pleasures. Though with the way Vancouver has grown, what was once “seedy” is now the pricier section of town. Perhaps if the tunnels still exist they are used in reverse?


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