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Sea of Glass

This sea of glass is the Coal Harbor Section of Vancouver. In the center sits the Olympic Cauldron and all around are the towers of downtown Vancouver. I came down here for a few minutes as my hotel was just a block away. It had just been raining so it was mostly deserted, the perfect time to capture the architecture of the place without the pressing crowds normally found here.

It's amazing how many people work in these buildings. But if you get on the subway in the morning you'll see waves of people coming to work and filling these offices. This time of year the daylight is short, so its possible that you never see the light of day unless you work near a window. If you work standard hours from 8 to 5 you're lucky to see any daylight during the work week.

I'm used to a little more light and so I found it a little disorienting. I was in my hotel one evening and looked out a window to see a gentleman working late at his desk. I thought it was so strange that he was at work so late in the evening. Then I looked at my watch and it was only a little after six o'clock. For some reason I thought it was much later because I hadn't seen much light that day and it felt late. I'm sure people in Scandinavian countries deal with it all the time. I've heard you can even get light therapy to help supplement sunshine.

Fortunate for me I just go home to Florida.


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