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A Place to Day Dream

I just had a conversation with a fellow photographer and while we have differences in how we approach our craft, we're both working to bring more simplicity to our images. That's easier said that done. Any direction we turn there are dozens of things to fill up our field of vision. How often would we describe our surroundings as an aesthetic of simplicity; for most of us, rarely if ever.

So I look for vignettes of simplicity within a frame of my surrounding. A vignette is a subset of my field of view, the whole scene broke into little rectangles. That's how I find simplicity. Another way to put it is we just need to keep reducing our scope until simplicity emerges from the clutter.

So when we simplify something, it becomes more accessible as an idea. It becomes an archetype of sorts and then our imaginations can begin to fill in. For me this is the essence of art, to hold attention and evoke imagination. When we look at a scene and we are drawn in, we are daydreaming inside that scene. And what better way to appreciate something than to daydream inside of it.


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