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Mid Summer Night

I took this a couple of months ago on a mid summer night. I was hanging out by the water watching the clouds roll in. Yeah right, like I have time to do that. Lets just I was standing here and good grief Miss Molly, all hell started to break loose. The clouds got low and thick, menace was in the air, and then suddenly, crack, boom, flash.

Maybe my dramatic writing skills are a little to be desired. I'll keep my day job, but if you know any comic book publishers that need a ghost writer let me know. I'm pretty sure I could do that. I'm there for you baby.

Where was I? Oh yeah, down by the river watching the clouds roll in. So, if I was of sound mind and judgement I wouldn't even be here. It's not safe. You know that saying, it's about as likely as being struck by lightning. It doesn't apply to Florida. Chances are, if you're STUPID, or just an ambitious photographer, you'll get it. So, at times like this it's best not to be stupid, or a photographer. Unless you don't care.

I don't really care about all that, I live for the perfect shot, the moment. Ha ha ha. Okay, I hear the nurses, they're coming to give me my meds. I have to go.


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