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Sarasota Low Down

This image for me is a study in composition. To get this image of apartment buildings in Sarasota I placed my camera at the level of the water on a tripod. These kind of shots work best when the water is calm so that the reflections are rendered in long lines on the water's surface. I took this with a 35mm lens so that I could use a wide aperture. That means I could ensure the focus on the buildings was sharp while allowing the reflections to appear naturally soft.

These buildings face west so they have a view the sunset across Sarasota bay. However for me they create a nice scene for night photography all by themselves. I have often looked at these buildings and wondered how I could capture them. I think the low perspective works well.

Often I'll see a scene and think there's something about it that I want to capture yet may not be sure what it is or how to go about it. In this case I just kept trying new things until something worked. It took a little effort as I climbed over some rocks in the dark and placed my tripod in the water, all the while trying not to get my camera wet. But in the end I'm happy with how it turned out and can now look for more compositions using the same technique.


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