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Venice Beach and Pier

This is Venice Beach and Pier. It's one of the best places to go on the west coast of Florida for a sunset. Right behind me is a beachside restaurant called Sharkey's and if you come here in the evening you will be treated to a view like this while you have dinner.

This is easily one of my favorite places in all of Florida. I love the restaurant, the pier the water; this is such an awesome place that you'd easily spend hours here without even noticing. That happens to me a lot when I come here, losing track of time is probably the easiest thing to do. They really should post warning signs, "Caution, the management is not responsible for your losing track of time". I mean really, it's just like that.

Isn't that why we come to places like this? To just let go of things and be happy? This is the place for that.

Anyway, I always get carried away with my camera when I come here. I never know what to expect and I always get more than I hoped for. The Florida experience in a nutshell. Lose track of time, forget what you came for, leave happy.


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