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What Dreams May Come

This is a stretch of Highway 41 in Punta Gorda Florida; southbound on the left and northbound on the right. The image is a dreamscape of sorts, how I imagine it looks in a dream.

Have you ever noticed that an artists rendering of a building or architecture is always a little prettier than reality? That's because its the artists idea or conception of something that, in the end, will never quite look that good. Nevertheless, we hold onto that image in our minds until the project is complete. We go along with it, the artist's idea that is, because it's now what we imagine also.

On a slightly different tack, if it wasn't for dreamers we would never get anywhere. Those who dream new things are catalysts, agents of change, maybe even radicals. Dreamers tend to be disrupters, people that are not afraid to disregard norms on the way to a new normal. Dreamers are generally ahead of their time and quite often not appreciated, only in retrospect do we think of them as genius.

So back to the photo, I manipulated it until because I had an idea of what it might look like in different circumstances. It's not a radical new idea but it's my idea of what something could look like. Maybe, one day, something will come of it. You never know.


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