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Pure and Simple

Processing Notes

Combination of two versions of the same image, the first motion blurred and the second provided the elements of the bridge and kites.

My intent was to convey the colorful display of the kites against an expanse of the bay. 0

I removed the kite lines, surfers, cars, campers, tents and other water based distractions. The bridge is the only element that provides a sense of perspective.

From my original Post:

These surf kites at the midpoint of the Sunshine Skyway in Tampa and can be seen for miles away whenever there's a breeze. Once in a while I'll pull off the highway to watch. The main impression I get is of the contrast of these colorful canopies moving against the sky. They are mesmerizing to watch and this is a simplification of that scene as it appears in my minds eye.

In my way of thinking, I'm always trying to simplify things. I work and live in a complex world and what helps is if I can simplify the complexity a bit. I do this by removing things that I feel are unnecessary to the central core or subject of a thing. In this case, the subject is little colorful kites in a big sky, so to convey that I needed to remove as many distractions as possible. I think this might not be a bad philosophy to live by. In fact it's called de-cluttering, and now there are de-clutter coaches you can hire to help with de-cluttering you life. We'll, I'm no guru or coach, but I do like to get to the essence of a thing, and in this case, it's all about the kites.