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Symmetry in Nature

Symmetry in Nature

I took this picture on a recent walk around Perico Preserve in Bradenton. Its one of two outlets to the bay and facing an adjacent preserve. We are fortunate to have these preserves set aside. They are within urban areas yet they provide an important sanctuary for the regions wildlife. And of course they are natural setting for us humans to enjoy as well.

By using a wide-angle lens the clouds appear to converge at the center. That's an effect I like to use to emphasize the clouds. In Florida we don't have mountains so clouds are good substitute for filling the upper half of the frame. I am standing on a footbridge above the inlet so the sides of the preserve provide natural symmetry. I think the symmetry is why I like this image, it doesn't always occur in nature.

I grew up in the western United States and was exposed to the wide open expanses of that region. So naturally I gravitate towards uncluttered landscapes such as this because it beautiful. Isn't it funny how we ascribe beauty to nature? Without effort or design nature surpasses the most talented artist among us.