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Offshore Overnight Thunderstorms

Sometimes the weatherman will say we're going to have offshore overnight thunderstorms. Well, perhaps this is what that looks like. I took this from Bradenton Beach early one morning before sunrise. Despite the hour it was an awesome time to be here. This is a busy beach by day but I guarantee you there was nobody here before six on a Sunday morning. It's not always easy dragging myself here at this hour, but being the only person here for miles in each direction is pretty cool.

This is a three minute long exposure. My thought was that the waves would be smooth with such a long exposure. But as a result of the lighting flash the waves were exposed allowing their texture to come through. It was as though the lightning was a large flash unit.

In three minutes the stars begin to make an arc. The more I look at this the more I know I need to spend a night out here getting start trail images. Maybe I'll plan that for next weekend. If I try it during the week I'll end up falling asleep at my desk. Then I'd be dreaming about being at the beach and not working. Come to think about it maybe that's not such a bad idea after all.


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