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Sony in the Park

This is lazy afternoon in Sarasota Florida. I'm getting the hang of my Sony camera, it's a big switch from the Nikon. There are things I like about the Nikon including the lenses, but Sony seems to be writing a new page in the book of camera evolution. The biggest difference is the size, it's so much smaller than a comparable Nikon or Canon. Which brings be to today's photo. I shot this while walking my two dogs at Island Park and it was pretty easy. I've tried this with the bigger Nikon and it wasn't so easy. With a small camera you seem to have more options and flexibility and, just kind of blend into the background. And that, might just lead to more opportunities to capture life and beauty all around. In my opinion, Sony has done with the camera what they did with the Walkman so many years ago. Thank you Sony.

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