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Bridge Reflection

I continue to look for reflections on water whenever I go out shooting. The most exquisite, at least for me are reflections on still water. This is a view of the DeSoto bridge in Bradenton. It's one of two main bridges, but this one is due to be replaced. In the meantime I'll continue taking pictures until they tear it down. When the water's calm I go a little crazy capturing reflections.

If I may digress a little, reflections have a deeper meaning with respect to our psyches. I believe that how we perceive people, the world, even ourselves is based on reflections. Maybe that sounds deep but really it's not. How we perceive is based on a reflection of our own makeup. I see things my way and you see things yours. So anyway, I suppose that might be one reason I like reflections. That, and they look cool.

Back to the bridge. I have no idea how they plan to replace this bridge. The traffic over it is enormous and it is a lifeline; the hospital is just on the other side off frame on the left. So you can't just tear it down, seems to me you have to build another one, THEN tear it down. Those engineers have their work cut out for them. Let's hope they reflect on it long and hard. Ahem.


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