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Sliver of Solitude

I'm standing on the western tip of a peninsula called Emerson Point. It's where I come to get away from it all, a little sliver of solitude.

That's not me standing by the water, so apparently, it's not complete solitude. There were about a dozen people here, and typically I'm not the only one with a camera. But having people around ensures I can place one in the frame to tell a story. In this case, the story is about a solitary figure watching the sunset.

Usually, when I frame a person in a shot like this, I try to ensure they are nondescript. In the movie industry, it's known as atmosphere. I used to work in the back office of a movie studio, and an atmosphere person was paid twenty-five dollars a day. That's not bad for just standing around; but in this case, I didn't spend a cent.