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Close to Home

Due to some other priorities I've been staying close to home lately. That's been nice because I get to visit all my favorite photo locations within a short drive. But I just realized I haven't been back to this park in about two years. It just got put at the top of the list. I like it here because of the ponds and the reflections, so I just need to wait for some nice clouds and head over in the next few days.

They were going to put a water park here, that was over a year ago but I've not seen any construction when I drive past. Hopefully the natural beauty is preserved. I need to remember is to bring mosquito repellant, this is close to a swamp and bayou so there are plenty of biting things. Normally I get so engrossed in what I'm doing that I just ignore them.

Now that we're getting into summer weather again we'll start getting afternoon thunderstorms. Those can be loud and dramatic, but the best part is after they pass the clouds can be spectacular. You can see some of those clouds way off in the distance here, but this image doesn't really feature them. Clyde Butcher, a famous photographer from Florida says that the clouds are our mountains. That's a reference to how they can play an important role in Florida landscape in the same way mountains do in other parts of the country. To me that makes perfect sense, and the bonus is that our mountains change every day. How cool is that?