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Vancouver Walk

Not too long ago I took a walk along the entrance of Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia and ended up here. At this spot is where the rowing club is and in the evening you can stand here watching the crews work out. Rowing is another one of those sports I'd like to try, I think it would be much funner than the rowing machine at FitLorenzo (my gym). Even though I've been to this spot many dozens of times, there's always something new to see or notice. And even if there isn't I find it hard to leave, especially at dusk when the light is slightly muted and everyone is out running or cycling along the path. After I took this shot I headed back to the hotel and was surprised by the harvest moon, I didn't realize it was on this day. I tried taking a picture of it but moons are tricky and I find it hard to capture it the way I see it with my eyes. Maybe one of these days they'll figure out how to download the photo's in my head. Until then I'll keep trying with my camera.

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