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Angry Seas

Isn't it funny how we anthropomorphize all things? Here are some defiant colors against the angry Mediterranean.

I do it all the time with animals, but between you and me, I think most animals have emotions, so it doesn't seem like such a stretch. However, sometimes I do it for the weather or inanimate objects; then I'm surely projecting my own feelings into the world. The sea can't really be angry, can it?

As we journeyed out into the North Atlantic, things got worse. There was a hurricane a long way off that roiled the ocean. The winds across the deck were seventy-five miles an hour, and the swells fifty feet high. At that time I looked out at sea from the comfort of a massive cruise ship and tried to imagine myself on a small ancient craft crossing the ocean in the midst of a storm. Admittedly I had feelings, but I'm pretty sure the sea had none at all. And that was maybe, just a tiny, bit, scary.