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The Number Three

I've heard it said that three is a magic number. Well, it's certainly the name of a tune sung by Blind Melon, but I'm not sure how magic that is. If you're a little lost don't feel bad, I had to look that last part up on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Is_a_Magic_Number). Even without looking something up I can reasonably say that three represents a lot of things. The periods in a hockey game, dimensions of space, and of course, the number of legs on a stool. Deeper words have rarely been written. 

This is the kind of scenery you can find at Fort Desoto State Park in St Petersburg Florida. Its also an example of how I've developed a tendency to see scenes in letterbox vignettes, one at a time, all around me. In fact there were things to the right and left, but I imagined this one little vignette in my mind and so framed the shot. Sometimes I might need more and use a wide angle, but for this 50mm was enough to capture the image I wanted. Having a zoom lens really helps in this department.

This is also another view of the seawall that I posted a few days ago. It's a thirty minute drive north of me and one reason I like to come here is that I can bring my dog. Much of the shoreline in central Florida is off limits to dogs but this being a state park its pet friendly. There is a dog beach and places like this where you can walk with your best friend. So here I am; me, my bud and my camera, just the three of us. Magic.