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Window Shot

This is sunrise north of the Manatee River in Palmetto Florida. I'll be driving along running an errand and see something that makes me wish I had my camera. Once in a while I have it like the day I took this out the window of my car. The area is known as North River which has a small-town atmosphere. However now we are in the peak of snowbird season which is when the population is doubled due to the number of people that come down to Florida for the winter. 

Even though I live in a small town it's still an urban area. Even so I'm always looking for images and paying attention to the light. Often enough there are good conditions for photography, but when I'm on a street or in a parking lot or sitting at a stop light it loses some of its allure. A sunset next to a gas station is not my idea of landscape photography. But, maybe if I try hard enough I could find a composition there also.

For instance, this I used my telephoto lens to create a narrow field of view between two houses. Because I aimed just so you don't see the houses or urban sprawl. I like simplistic images because it is a way for me to bring some balance to the clutter of urban spaces through art. Here I'm using my imagination to create what I'd like to see, rather than what I do see.