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Pirate Shells

When I see a bunch of shell on the beach, I want to hoard them like a pirate. At some point in history, these were money.

This photo is reprocessed from an earlier version here. https://justenoughfocus.smugmug.com/Portfolio/Full/i-MVVZNj3) The tools for post-processing are continually being updated, so lately I've been having a little fun going back to old photos to tease out a new look. I don't recall what tools I used back in 2015, but this time, I used the latest version of Skylum's Luminar.

Nevertheless, what got my attention in this scene is all of the shells in the foreground; they must have been deposited after a storm. You can go to a store and buy a bag of shells for ten bucks, or you could just go to the beach and pick them up yourself. Better yet, send me the money, and I'll get them for you! (just kidding)