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Old Stumps

This is a shot of an old stump along the Beach in British Columbia. I took this while walking along the Foreshore trail from Wreck Beach. The logs and stumps litter the beach, remnants of storms long passed. There are lumber mills not far from here so it's not unusual to see stray logs that never made it to the mill. I stopped several times to take pictures of the smooth stones on the beach which is not exactly landscape photography, but images I like to collect nonetheless for use later as textures for other images.

I noticed another photographer stopping to take photos of the stumps and debris along the beach as well. I think because it's deserted here and there are so many natural elements you could easily spend hours photographing all kinds of interesting things. That's basically what I did.

I'll be heading up to Alaska in about a month. I hope to get some time walking along a beach up there as well. I know the landscape is beautiful, I've seen it on TV. Naturally I'm curious to see it in person because as we all know pictures can never do justice to majestic landscapes. Just the thought of walking in a setting that I've never seen before should provide all kinds of opportunities for photography. Even if they are just a bunch of old stumps.