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The Stroll

Florida is a retiree heaven. Afternoons like this are when you find people out strolling about, sitting on piers and basically passing the time. I wonder if I'll ever do that, it seems a little to passive for my taste, I'd rather be taking pictures or riding a bike, but you never know. All the retirees I know say they are more busy after retirement than before. That's counterintuitive but in a way makes sense.

This is a lazy afternoon scene at the pier in Terra Ceia. These mangroves created a natural frame leading to the water along the boardwalk. Mangroves are everywhere along the coast and are responsible for Florida being on the map. A slight exaggeration but they prevent the erosion against the tide and storms. So unless you are on a beach, you'll see these mangroves everywhere, and thanks to them Florida hasn't yet washed away.

Getting back to the main subject, I do spend a lot of time where people are strolling, even if I'm not strolling myself. People like to stroll where the scenery is nice and of course that's where I like to take photos. So even if I don't end up retiring and going for a stroll in the afternoon, I'll have plenty of knowledge on the subject. I'll become what is known in industry as a SME; a Subject Matter Expert. Having lived in retiree heaven I'll have an encyclopedic knowledge in the ways, means and methods of strolling.