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Time Travel

To be honest, I don't remember taking this photo. No matter how many images I make, I usually remember each one. Pictures to me are memory boosters, I only have to look, and I'm transported back in time: I'll have a recollection, however vague, of that moment. But for whatever reason, this one escapes me.

I was shooting with a wide open aperture and high ISO so that I could snap photos as I saw them. I was a little like a snap-happy tourist. I'll call it street photography but, I was having fun, so maybe a bit of each.

Barcelona is one of those places where the architecture steals the show. The architecture is old, and it belies the fantastic amount of history in these walls. To me the street lamps have an 18th century feel to them, and perhaps some of them are that old. When they finally invent the time machine, I'll be coming back here to take a few more photos to see if it looks the same. Hopefully, I won't change history while I'm at it.