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Colors on Deck

The Symphony of the Seas has a bold color palette. There are vibrant, saturated colors in outdoor spaces and stairwells; so if you're sensitive to that type of thing, you might need to wear sunglasses, even at night.

It's a lot of fun, and I enjoy the tapestry of hues hitting my retinas at each turn. Don't get me wrong; it's not gaudy, rather a tasteful sampling of one-of-a-kind art, murals, and tiles. In my photography, I'm a reformed over-saturation addict. The colors on board this ship are a real temptation for me.

I've desaturated the colors in this image. The original is so loud it looks fake. Anyway, I even considered a monochrome version. But, this is a post about colors so the monochrome version will have to wait.