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Park View

I suppose these cabins are the equivalent of the apartments that surround Central Park in New York City. Only, this namesake park is floating thousands of miles away.

I used a 12mm wide-angle lens for this shot which it makes the foreground appear bowed. I also used a Platypod https://platypod.com/) to anchor the camera to a railing for a long exposure. This is the first time I've not taken a tripod and relied solely on the Platypod. In retrospect, it was a good call.

These spaces on the boat were designed to resemble neighborhoods. It's obvious a lot of thought was put into it because, at least for me, that's what it felt like. You could hang out in a different one depending on your likes. For some reason, this one, surrounded by apartment-like cabins, was the one I hung out in. It created a perfect illusion that, for the length of the cruise, kept reality at a safe distance.