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Rainy Bradenton Sunrise

Here is a shot of the Bradenton Riverwalk on a rainy morning a couple of years ago, just as the sun is about to rise. Living where I do I prefer to have water as a feature in my environmental shots. If I go outside it's almost unavoidable. The water creates provides a basic building block with which to build a composition.

Another thing I look for is leading lines. In this case it's a guardrail, but it could also be more organic elements like a path or shoreline. The line leads the eyes of the viewer into the picture where our imaginations begin to find root.

Finally, quite often I prefer to have some human element. In many cases it adds a level of interest that subtly draws the attention even more. It's not uncommon to project ourselves into the scene through the perspective of a human figure. In this approach the person can be blurred or abstracted so not to provide too many details. These things are better left to our own imaginations.