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Reflections on the Water

Every now and then if there is no wind and the tide isn't moving, water in the river becomes smooth. When it happens it creates the conditions for night photography with reflections on the water.

This is an area where I walk my dog near the Manatee River. However I rarely see it like this. So while walking Mr. Wiggles I noticed and decided to come back. Later that night I packed my camera and drove back to this spot in a residential neighborhood. It was a little strange because I probably looked suspicious there late at night. After a few minutes I decided it was enough and decided to leave before someone called the police. Not that I was doing anything wrong, I'm just saying I had that feeling.

I will tell you that getting good photos is damn inconvenient. There is effort involved and it's not always rainbows and unicorns. So I try to get as many compositions as possible when I'm out. If I've already expended the effort I may as well make the most of it. At least I'll then have more images to choose from. Often my favorite is not the one I planned on; more often than not actually.

Despite the bother of it all I wouldn't trade it for anything. For the little bit of energy I expend I get a lot in return. In my world, images are art and the more I'm doing that the better life is. But nothing in life is free, even if it doesn't cost money it takes effort. However I get way more out of it than I put in, and that makes it worth all the effort and complaining of my alter ego.