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Another Backyard Sunrise

This is another backyard sunrise from home. I don't really have a backyard and this is not "my" backyard but, it's in my hometown so figuratively speaking it's "in" my backyard. Having said all of that, and having said that this is sunrise, you know I'm facing east. For some reason we get a lot of amazing sunrises happening in the East due to the way the clouds form in my backyard. Let me explain.

The geography and weather patterns of central Florida are such that the clouds often park themselves over the land, not over the water. For instance, on this morning while we had a brilliant sunrise to the East; to the West there were no clouds, only clear blue sky. I'm not complaining, just making an observation. Well, as a photographer maybe I'm complaining just a little.

If you think about it, Florida is one big peninsula with oceans on both sides. Somehow that creates unique weather patterns which most of the time I ignore. But one of those patterns is that clouds will hang over the land and stop at the coast. So when they do that in the morning this is the result, a backyard sunrise. Actually my backyard faces the West and, ....oh good grief, there I go again.