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Harbour Sunrise

In addition to cruise ships, a convention center and sight seeing, Vancouver Harbour is a busy shipping port. This morning I focused my lens on the industrial side of things as the sun was rising behind the cranes. Despite all the boat and seaplane traffic, the water remains crystal clear. I'm not sure how they manage that but thankfully they do. In any case, if you've ever seen pictures of English Bay (including my own) which surrounds Vancouver, you'll notice many container ships docked offshore. My guess is they are waiting to take on a shipment of containers from here and head back out to sea. If you climb up one of the surrounding mountains and look back, you'll see these ships lined up end-to-end for miles out into the bay. The first time you see them it's quite a site, but in time you grow accustom to their presence and you almost forget they're there. Day in, day out, they file in and out this port and this was just the start of another busy day.

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