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Skeleton Dinosaur

Driving east on I90 through South Dakota there are some strange sights. This sculpture is one we encountered as we approached the Badlands. Here is a Google Maps link https://goo.gl/maps/gw4ZZy87BK62)

The open space seems endless along the highway. Mile after mile, it stretches across the country. The gently rolling landscape is broken sporadically by rest stops, gas stations and quirky recreations of western towns where billboards advertise coffee for five-cents.

We came upon this sculpture near a stop known as 1880 Town. It's not far from Badlands National Park which, among other things, is known for large fossilized bones from 33 million years ago https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Badlands_National_Park#Fossil_hunters). Perhaps back then, the dinosaurs were as familiar as the Buffalo along the plains of South Dakota. I think everything looked much different, and I wonder what it will look like in another thirty-million years.