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Away From it All

Robinson Park is a preserve in the middle of a suburban setting, and it's a place I come to get away from that same setting. Most people come during the day, but my favorite times are dawn and dusk. Of course, I'm looking for a rare kind of light.

The image is five shots blended into one. I use HDR techniques when shooting these types of scenes because there is a combination of bright and dark light. It's closer to what I could see with my eyes but must resort to tricks to get the camera seeing the same thing.

Not only is the light changing minute by minute, but the nocturnal animals also begin to stir. It's as if the whole place comes alive when the sun goes down. I'm usually rushing to get my last pics before being politely asked to leave by the ranger. Finally, as night falls I return to suburbia from whence, I came. At that moment I genuinely do feel that I've been away from it all.